Opticycle works with optometrists and retailers to provide a solution to collect unwanted eyeglasses and lenses. We can design a program to collect unwanted stock from your organisation. Alternatively, if you want a collection program for your customers, we can also set up in store collection points where you customers can drop off their unwanted or damaged eyeglasses for recycling.

Once collected, the eyeglasses or lenses are transported to our processing facility where they are sorted based on their core material composition. Lenses are then removed from the frames before they are dismantled, and the materials (such as metal and plastic) separated. These materials are passed on to local Australian companies as raw materials for new products.

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Eyeglasses Recycling Satchel

Are you an eyeglass wearer who's passionate about preserving the planet while enjoying crystal-clear vision? Say hello to our Opticycle Home Recycling Satchel – the eco-conscious choice for responsible eyeglass disposal right from the comfort of your own home!

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40L Eyeglasses Recycling Box

300mm (l) x 300mm (w) x 473mm (h) Our Opticycle Recycling Box is the ultimate solution for collecting old eyeglasses, sunglasses and even safety glasses for recycling. You can now recycle any of your old glasses effortlessly.

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