Opticycle collects Disposable Contact Lens Cases. Each box or bag received at our processing facility is checked in and weighed allowing us to track and report on performance across our network of participating organisations. Once weights have been recorded, the contents of full boxes/bags are emptied onto a sorting table for a visual quality control check. Any contamination, or non-accepted packaging is removed and managed accordingly (recycled where possible). 

The cases are broken down into fine particles to delaminate the materials. This then goes through our proprietary separation process, which involves air density & electrostatic separation, to separate the plastic & aluminium. Once separated the aluminium and plastic material is kept in bulk bags until enough material is ready to be sent to end-users.

Why choose Opticycle

Leaders in eye & vision care sustainability

Opticycle consists of a team of dedicated industry professionals with extensive experience in waste and recycling, logistics, training and education, stakeholder engagement and sustainability reporting.

Optometrists Branding & Co-promotion

Header card attached to top of receptacle provides the branding real estate for optometrists. This header card can be easily removed, rebranded and replaced to support specific campaigns, co-branding opportunities.

Transparency at our core

Absolute transparency is what we are all about. We only offer services where viable end markets exist for recovered materials, and our detailed service reporting provides real time access to data and information that can be used to support ESG and CSR reporting.

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Contact Lens Case Recycling Satchel

Are you a contact lens wearer who's passionate about preserving the planet while enjoying crystal-clear vision? Say hello to our Opticycle Home Recycling Satchel – the eco-conscious choice for responsible contact lens case disposal right from the comfort of your own home!

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40L Contact Lens Case Recycling Box

300mm (l) x 300mm (w) x 473mm (h) Our Opticycle Recycling Box is the ultimate solution for collecting disposable contact lens cases for recycling. Whether you wear daily, weekly, or monthly lenses, you can now recycle any brand of empty contact lens cases effortlessly.

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