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Disposable Contact Lenses Case Recycling

Our Disposable Contact Lenses Case Recycling Program collects and recycles contact lens cases that would normally go to landfill. Each box or bag received at our processing facility is checked in and weighed allowing us to track and report on performance across our network of participating organisations.

Eyeglasses and Lens Recycling

Opticycle works with optometrists and retailers to provide a solution to collect unwanted eyeglasses and eyeglass lenses. Opticycle can work with you to design a program to collect unwanted stock from your organisation.

Service Reporting

  • Our tracking and reporting system captures valuable program data and makes this data available to the you in real time via an online dashboard.

    The interactive dashboard allows you to drill down into specific programs and customise output reports, providing you the ability to showcase the positive impact that your programs are having.

    As such the dashboard serves as a useful tool to support continued education and engagement with staff.

    Not only do we provide you with data on the the number of collections but also data on the volume and weights for each collection split by program.
    We take this a step further, by also providing weights of the materials recovered once the sorting and separation process is completed.

    This information gives you the opportunity to incorporate program performance data into your annual sustainability reporting.
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Explore our frequently asked questions (FAQs) to find answers and insights about our solutions and programs.

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